Background Investigation

PSAS provides you with credentials and track record of employees, corporate entities, individuals and institutions to form a vital part of your decision support systems. Our strategically located confidential sources can become your greatest strength in making more informed decisions.

Following are the checks, which we undertake as part of our background verification exercise:

Educational Check

With increasing numbers of forged educational certificates being presented by prospective candidates for securing critical, well paid prestigious jobs with professionally managed market leaders coming into light, this check has attained paramount importance in a HR managers check list of 'Must to Do'. We will undertake the tedious but full proof task of eliminating this risk by personally confirming the status of the certificate with the issuing authority.

Reference/Professional Check

One's past can be a good reflection of things to come. We will touch base with the previous three organization's HR Departments and subject's immediate bosses. This exercise will enable us to get an insight into crucial HR factors such as attitude towards job, zeal with which the work is done, team work & problem solving skills, honesty and any political inclinations if any.

Criminal Check

Criminal records with all the Police Stations under the jurisdiction of which the subject has ever resided will be verified to confirm the Criminal Background of the subject, if any. This tedious exercise will be conducted by personally visiting all the Police Stations and getting information off them.

Background Checks on Media Searches

Search will be carried out on the web to verify if any information is available on the web regarding the subject. If found the information will be analyzed and incorporated into the profile of the subject available with us

Family Background Check

An intelligence operation will be conducted to confirm the personal background of the subject. Critical areas will be investigated such as habits, social reputation, political/trade union inclinations & family composition and family status. If required a detailed investigation on subject's family can also be undertaken aimed at the financial status, political composition, criminal background & social status and reputation of the family.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. However, if the employees are not handled correctly or employee of any organization commits fraud with the organization then it becomes a sensitive matter for organization instead of being a backbone. Therefore, it is important to verify the credentials of the employer before giving him the employment since they may prove fatal to the business in as much as the entire business. We are efficient in investigating the past records of an employee so that he/she does not become a threat to the organization.

Binding all the points PSAS can give you a clear picture about the truth behind employees credential. Post-employment verification

  • Any kind of fraudulent mischief in the company like embezzlement of funds.
  • Any big or small case of pilferage.
  • Mishandling of the trade secret or business information.

If you have any such problem in your company or you anticipate any such kind of activity in your organization, we provide the best possible service to you.