Cash Van

We provide customised cash vans with a trained and committed crew which oversees the entire operations, supervised by an experienced and reliable team. Banks, ATMs, Restaurants, Diamond Merchants, Jewellers, Petrol Pumps, Government / Semi - Government organisations, retail outlets, supermarkets, corporate houses, shopping malls, etc. can transfer their cash from one point to another, without apprehensions.

Services Offering

  • ATM Cash replenishment and related activities.
  • First Line Maintenance.
  • The PSAS network is quite formidable and unparalleled. With a vault networks our team covering major towns daily.
  • Our cash pick-up service has been tuned to service the requirements of retail chains and comes with highly customizable features and options. A large network ensures that any new customer/pick-up point can be built into our route map within 24 hours.

Processing, Bulk Transits and Vaulting

Secured transport and vaulting is an integral component of our offerings. We provide bulk transits of currency for both inter-city and inter-branch through our secured fleet. Each transit involves comprehensive risk assessment and a detailed security drill. Our measures are pre-emptive, tactical and reactive, relying equally on specially trained personnel and technology. It reflects in our choice of team units, vehicles, route-mapping, tracking and reporting methodologies.