Strong Relationship

Strong Relationship – Client retention, employee retention ratios.

The hallmark of success of a business, beyond profitability, is the enduring relationships it builds over the years with its stakeholders, especially its clients and employees. Long-running relationships with clients indicates the depth of trust and comfort that the business has created through its dedication, in-depth understanding of client’s needs and consistent performance. On the other hand, a consistently high employee-retention ratio demonstrates how the business has successfully endowed its employees with a shared vision and purpose, and at the same time empowered them to perform optimally.

We make stronger bonds:
We believe in making strong bonds that become even stronger with time. Thanks to our dedication and commitment to best work practices, our client retention rate is over 97%.

Also through constant training sessions and best HR practices we keep our employees happy and motivated. And are happy to contain the employee attrition rate under 4%.