Electronic Security Services

Our experts design, install and maintain a range of complex security systems, listed below. We have tie ups with original equipment manufacturers to provide services pan India.

CCTV Surveillance

These include a range of CCTV systems (including IR and Speed Dome) with remote surveillance facility, Digital Video Recorders, IP cameras, Network Video Recorders etc.

Access Control Systems

Used to limit access to sensitive installations and specified areas within a premise, these include RFID based solutions, finger ID, palm reader, iris scan and face recognition systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Offered on both wired and wireless platforms, these systems offer complete protection of a client's privacy

Addressable Fire Detection Systems

Providing accurate information on the location of a fire inside any premise, these systems help in tackling any fire related emergency in a planned and coordinated manner

Metal Detection Systems

Our range of metal detection systems includes a variety of both hand held and door framed systems

Visitor Management Systems

These systems are used to simplify the task of managing the flow of visitors through establishments such as corporate houses, embassies, hospitals, IT firms etc. Using these, visitor's cards that incorporate the visitor's photograph and details can be printed on the spot

Car Parking Management Systems

These include a number of solutions such as automatic barriers, sliding / swinging gate systems, number plate recognition, spike road block systems etc that make the task of managing a car parking facility a lot simpler

Perimeter Security Systems

A range of solutions such as concertina wiring, IR cameras, electric fencing etc provide the first line of defense in any establishment's chain of security

X-Ray systems

Our range of X-Ray systems are available in a range of tunnel sizes, and both fixed and mobile systems are available