Training & Recruitment

To empower a business to focus on its core competencies, it is critical that it have the right mix of qualified, experienced, dedicated and driven employees. In addition to finding the right people, it is also critical that the right training be imparted to them to broaden their skill-set and enhance their performance.

Training in fire fighting, evacuation, first aid, lifesaving, crowd control, disaster management. Frisking with or without metal detector and monitoring the CCTV.

Recruitment Policy:
Firmly adhering with the eligibility criteria laid down in the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act. 2005, we ensure to hire candidates with Physical and Educational standards equal to Indian Army and Union & States Armed Forces. We give preference to Ex-Serviceman with a minimum rating in the Discharge Book.

Training Policy:
We boast of our own well-staffed and well equipped training academies at Thane and Varanasi. And state-of-the-art Regional Training Schools at Lucknow, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bhopal, Patna, Jalandhar and Bangalore. We make our trainees undergo rigorous exercises, drills and fortify them with professional knowledge. Moreover, our trainers also conduct camp courses at various places regularly. This helps create highly trained, skilled and disciplined manpower to monitor security needs with a customer-friendly outlook.